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We Buy Houses so you can Sell Your House Fast to Get Your House Sold

Providing Peace of Mind since 1999.


Home Option Solutions Offers Options and Solutions!
I Am Self-Financed: Independent From Banks
You Will Receive Several Genuine, Personalized Choices
Under No Obligation, You Choose.

Buying People’s Houses Instantly and Fairly Is Only One of My Specialties.

Problems Solved With Options

Relocating, even just the thought of relocating, can be unbearable, especially when that is just one of many problems facing you at the moment.

Maybe you’ve been laid off.  Maybe your credit history is poor.  Maybe getting a loan seems as impossible as finding a new job quickly. Maybe you are embarrassed to ask friends or family for financial help, or maybe the thought of burdening those you love with large requests for money is more pain than you can bear, literally causing your health to fail.  Maybe you’ve arrived at this painful crossroads as a homeowner facing losing your house through mistakes or maybe you really made all the right decisions, and unforeseen events brought you to this point:  your house will be auctioned off in the foreclosure process in the very imminent future if you do not take action soon. Sell Your House Fast

It doesn’t matter how you got here.  There is help for you. There are solutions.  Now.

Deeply Understanding
The Priceless Benefits of Staying in Your Home

  • We understand that you may have lived in your house for a long time. Maybe raised your family there. Had wonderful times with grandchildren and loved ones. Maybe you had big plans to repair, make beautiful updates, or even make an addition. Whatever your situation is we understand your desire to stay in your house and keep it. However, the reality is, with the laws as they are, we can not offer this as an option. We are able buy your home quickly and you'll receive the equity that is due you, according to the offer that we make and you accept. We will make an offer that will be best for your and your family or we won't do business. We strive to meet your needs first. So the choice is yours.

If you feel like you have no way of avoiding complete foreclosure, please pause—and call Home Option Solutions at 503-502-9055.  Together, we genuinely have a very good chance of finding a way to buy you house outright.

Sell Your House Fast Within 7 days, you may experience relief of house repairs, your mortgage payments, back- payments, and range of maintenance bills.

While I cannot guarantee buying your home in under 7 days, I am very often able to do exactly this with houses in Oregon. It can be guaranteed that if you contact me with the facts about your house and your situation, you will learn within 48 hours if I can help.  Please call me at: 503-502-9055. Or, please request my help online by clicking here.

Your home can usually be "pre-qualified" for multiple solutions right over the phone, in just a few minutes.  If I don't end up buying your house, I will be happy to share ideas or advice on what you might try next.  You'll still have all of your other options available.  You have nothing to lose by calling Home Option Solutions first.

Home Option Solutions respects each homeowner’s situation There is no obligation when we talk and we promise not to give you a high-pressure sales pitch. We will simply analyze your situation and give you options - no pressure and the choice is yours.

If you need cash immediately, Please call 503-502-9055 so that we can discuss your situation and provide fair and realistic ways to achieve this. (Or, you may request my help online by clicking here.)
We can discuss your goals and our customized solutions so that your peace of mind is secured.
Home Option Solutions Offers:

  • Time-Sensitivity:
    Immediate Action and Solution
  • Personal Service
  • Trust
  • Credibility and Sound Financial Backing
  • Experience / Real Know-How
  • Relief Now from Your Mortgage
  • A Long List of Satisfied Clients
  • A Short, Simple Process
  • A Fair Price for your House
  • A Move-Out Date that You Choose
  • Peace of Mind
  • Sell Your House Fast

Get our free, easy-to-read Special Report that will reduce anxiety - Click here

Sell Your House Fast. If you call me today, then by this time next week, you could be living with much less stress. A diverse array of solutions exists because of my experience and extensive knowledge of people in the area where you live.  My motivation and business model are transparent and fair to sellers, tenants, and buyers.

If you are not sure what the foreclosure process really is or how the process works, please click here.

Remember, if you are facing foreclosure and think that you would rather sell and leave your house immediately and put this problem property behind you, then we can also help you - To see if your property qualifies, please click here now.

Providing Home Solutions for Your PEACE OF MIND:

Home Option Solutions, llc.
6107 SW Murray Blvd. #332
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
david_onsite @

Call Now 503-502-9055 to see how we can buy your house.

Visit our We Buy Houses/Sell House Very Fast form page Now to start on a solution.

Sell my house fast in any condition, Ugly or Pretty, referral in Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro,
Aloha, Vancouver, Oregon City, Estacada, Gresham, North Portland. King City, Tualatin,
Milwaukie, Clackamas, Camas, Sherwood, West Linn, Wilsonwille.
Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Marion Counties in Oregon, Clark County in Washington.
We Also Buy Houses in Phoenix and Flagstaff - Sell Your House Fast Houston

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