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Are You Saying, "SELL MY HOUSE FAST!" ?

Home Option Solutions - Providing You Peace of Mind since 1999
** Letís Efficiently Bypass the Listing/Realtor Process Together **

Let Home Option Solutions help you! We buy houses. All kinds of houses. Are you... sell my house fast - We Buy Houses

We can help you get out of the situation you're in. We buy houses that realtors wouldn't touch. We buy houses from owners who are within weeks of declaring bankruptcy or losing their home. And we buy them quickly,
many times closing within seven days of the date you accept our offer. Home Option Solutions doesnít need to rely on funding from banks. We are a private investment company, and we can get the money to you or the bank fast. If you canít wait, need to get paid, or need to pay someone else right away, you need to call us. The sooner the better.

This all sounds great to you, doesn't it? Sure. You're probably in a financial bind wanting to get online loans or or stressed out from the hassle of dealing with this house that has no use to you anymore. You would probably be happy with whatever solution you might be given. But don't jump the gun. We would love to help you; having said that, we don't want you to question your decision. After all, there may be other options out there. And this is where we pull out the deal breaker. We can help you figure out OTHER options besides selling. Listen to the free message at 503-502-9055 and we will help you find a creative solution to sell your house fast or Click HERE for the sell your house fast form.

Bottom line, what exactly can we do?

  • We can buy your house even if itís in a few days!

  • We can have certified funds to you or the bank in a few days!

  • We can make back payments or payoff loans in a few days!

Weíre not boasting at all. But when one has experience, knowledge and a team of COMPETENT real estate professionals, like we have, we can make these bold claims. Of course we canít work miracles if there is a party (another seller, agent, bank, lienholder, etcÖ) involved that doesnít seek a real down-to-earth solution. But in many cases we can overcome difficult obstacles.

Home Option Solutions Offers:

  • Time-Sensitivity:
    Immediate Action and Solution
  • Personal Service
  • Trust
  • Credibility and Sound Financial Backing
  • Experience / Real Know-How
  • Relief Now from Your Mortgage
  • A Long List of Satisfied Clients
  • A Short, Simple Process
  • A Fair Price for your House
  • A Flexible Move-Out Date
  • Peace of Mind
  • Sell Your House Fast Cash

Click here: get our free, easy-to-read Special Report that will reduce anxiety.
Maybe you're not a private homeowner?

If you are:
  • A real estate agent who is trying to sell a problem house
  • An attorney who has been stuck with disposing of property
  • An investor making payments on two or more properties

We make lives easier by buying houses that need to be taken care of. We buy houses that need to be renovated, fixed up or just maintained appropriately. We can do all this, sometimes within seven days of our initial contact.

So, whether you are a homeowner that needs to sell quickly, or a real estate agent with a problem house lingering on a "For Sale" page, we can relieve you of that useless property and let you move on with your life.

Why do we buy houses you ask?

You may be wondering at this point exactly WHY we would buy property that is going to cost more money to sell than it may be worth, we'll be honest. We make money from future occupants, and we can add one more house in our investment portfolio. And while we can make a profit by buying your home, generally speaking, we don't buy homes for that reason alone.

I can say Iíve been in a tense house situation before. I lived in my own basement for a year while strangers occupied my living space, because I didn't have the option of selling my home quickly (for more about this story, please check out our "About us" page). I don't want to see you have to go through that shameful and saddening situation. I understand that it can be downright depressing and stressful. One reward in buying your home is the peace of mind that I help to contribute to.

If you live in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland Oregon, call me now, at 503-502-9055, or fill out our help request form. Chances are we can relieve you of your mortgage responsibilities or buy the house CASH Ė all within a matter of days. Sure, everything will be legit and youíll see that we are trustworthy. We do what we say we will do. Everything is disclosed, open and upfront, in everyday English. Guaranteed!


Yes, thatís correct. If you donít understand exactly the agreement we come to, we wonít do business .Itís as simple as that. We would rather lose business than to try to underhand someone. We're dead serious too. Believe me, you may discover that there are some slick salesman investors who won't offer you that!

If you know you want to sell, but need more time (maybe you've got another month or two before the sheriff shows up at your door), we can hold off on purchasing your home. Again, the fact that we are private investors is an advantage. We offer flexibility that banks just can't afford to allow.

Buyers and sellers alike benefit from the flexible, solutions that we create together.† For instance, in some cases, you as a seller may find it extremely helpful to receive all cash, immediately, for the sale of your house.†† As merely one option among many presented by Home Option Solutions, paying all cash for your house is often possible with no contingencies (because, unlike most potential buyers, We don't have to sell another house first).

If you do wish to sell, please consider the dollars you often sacrifice when going through a Realtor.

Real Example to consider, if you use a real estate agent:

List price of your house: $200,000
Price you are offered: $194,000† (natíl avg. offer price is 3% less than list price)
Price gap between list/offer: $ 6,000
Agent commission: $11,640 (average 6%)
Repairs and paint: $ 2,500†(more or less)
Closing fees: $ 5,820 (average 3%)
Total cost to sell w/agent: $25,960*
Balance left after sale: $174,040 (available to pay off your mortgage, if enough)
  (you may or may not have cash left over)

But wait, there's more... What kind of response would you get
if you asked the real estate agent to pay your mortgage and all
holding costs while it's on the market? At the very least you'd
get a "You've got to be crazy" chuckle of some sort.

Here are some additional costs...

Mortgage Payment: $ 2,400 (assume 60 days for offer and negotiations)
Taxes and Insurance: $   400
Miscellaneous: $   300 (electric, water, gas utilities, maintenance, etc...)
Mortgage Payment: $ 1,200 (assume financing approved/closed in 30 days)
Taxes and Insurance: $   200
Miscellaneous: $   150 (electric, water, gas utilities, maintenance, etc...)
More realistic costs to sell w/agent: $30,610
Balance left after sale: $169,390 (only IF the entire offer, negotiation, financing all happens within 90 days.)

And this simple example does not even address the many other financial and non-financial real costs that are very often a big part of your experience when trying to sell your home through a Realtor.

Please see the full-scale, side-by-side comparison of our service vs. the process of Realtor/listing.† This comparison is most valuable to people like yourself seeking to sell their houses urgently.

An Alternative To Many Costs

To avoid the Realtor-associated costs in the preceding table and in the full-scale, side-by-side comparison, and to experience an alternative first-hand, please listen to the toll free message at 503-502-9055. After a few questions, I am often able to present a real, actionable example of what I can offer you when we bypass the real estate listing process and cut out all unnecessary anxieties of the listing/selling process.

I pledge flexibility, courtesy, and professionalism in all of the solutions that I offer.

Even though I don't know your particular reasons for selling until you call me, I do know how to get your house closed as quickly and professionally as possible.† If you call me today, then by this time next week, your house could be sold and you can be living with much less stress .††† Sell your house fast. Please call 503-502-9055, or please request our we buy houses help online by clicking here.

To recap, Home Option Solutions should be your solution because:
  • We can work quickly to provide you with peace of mind fast
Again, give us a call today, and find out what Home Option Solutions can do for you. Chances are we can help you. If we can't, you'll know within 48 hours, and you'll have a list of alternatives to take with you. There is nothing to lose by calling. You owe it to yourself to see whatís available to you. We look forward to working with you!

Providing Home Solutions for Your PEACE OF MIND:

Home Option Solutions, llc.
6107 SW Murray Blvd. #332
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
david_onsite @ houseoption.com

Call Now 503-502-9055 to see how we can buy your house.

Visit our We Buy Houses/Sell House Very Fast form page Now to start on a solution.

Sell my house fast in any condition, Ugly or Pretty, referral in Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro,
Aloha, Vancouver, Oregon City, Estacada, Gresham, North Portland. King City, Tualatin,
Milwaukie, Clackamas, Camas, Sherwood, West Linn, Wilsonwille.
Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Marion Counties in Oregon, Clark County in Washington.
We Also Buy Houses in Phoenix and Flagstaff - Sell Your House Fast Houston

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