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We Buy Houses Providing Peace of Mind since 1999.


Home Option Solutions buys houses that have become problems to you.

We routinely pay cash and close in a few days.

You can be paid your typical commission and maybe more.

Home Option Solutions can help your reputation among sellers.

If you're like most agents, you have at least a handful of 'problem' listings-houses that have been hard to sell for one reason or another.  As time continues, these listings hurt more.

Let us help you: we are a real estate investment company that specializes in buying houses immediately.  In the process, we create instant solutions for sellers, real estate agents, and future home buyers.  Our independent financial backing allows us to act swiftly, decisively, and conclusively.  We help many people at once.

Maybe you have encountered a prospect that wouldn't have enough to pay your commission if the house were to sell.  Maybe you'd like to focus on the commission of the higher-priced home that the seller seeks, but you are not so liberated until the seller's existing problem-home sells.  Maybe your seller has been forced to rent out his property and become a landlord.  Maybe your seller is starting to become unhappy with you, spreading questionable word-of-mouth.  Maybe your seller has no option other than foreclosure.  These are common situations where we can help intensely and instantly: As an investment company, our huge strength is: creating winning solutions for sellers and agents.

We BUY houses from people in many different situations.  Many times, we can pay cash, take over mortgage payments, or lease-option and close within 7 days (sometimes even in 72 hours).  We handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements.

As a real estate agent, you'll get a quick sale with no hassles and you can move on and forward to bigger and better deals. You will also improve your reputation as you save the day for a hurting seller.  This could lead to referrals and more sales down the road.


What do you have to do?  It's actually quite simple.  All you have to do is give us some general information about the seller's situation and the property being sold.  (To do this, you can simply fill out the seller's information form and indicate that you are an agent.)

Then just refer the seller to our web site or give the seller our phone number (503-502-9055).  We will be prepared for the seller's call.  Since we are a no-pressure business, the seller would need to contact us to initiate the buying process.  If we buy the house from the seller, we can arrange to pay you your reward.  Depending on the seller's particular needs and situation, we may make several different offers so that the seller can choose the solution that works best for him or her.  We pay all of the closing costs and we can close quickly…without the traditional delays.


Oh yes, we haven't forgotten that agents need to eat too-of course you will also benefit.  Maybe even get paid more than your typical commission.  Whether you know of someone or have a listing that is expired, pending, or active, we work hard to assure that everyone, including the referring real estate agent, is fairly treated.  The sooner the better.

The creative and fair deals that we strike reward every party involved.

Real estate agents benefit financially and are enriched handsomely with the peace of mind that they are selling a problem property.

So call us NOW to see if we can make money now on those problem listings or property owners that NEED A BUYER TODAY.

  • Expand your customer base = GREATER VOLUME FOR YOU
  • Quick and easy, no hassle transactions = MORE MONEY TO YOU, FASTER
  • Satisfy frustrated or nagging clients = HAPPIER CLIENTS
  • Ideal to get higher commissions for house upgrades = MORE MONEY FOR YOU
  • Great for client loyalty and excellent for referrals and leads = GREATER VOLUME

Give yourself a better name by helping solve your sellers' problems.

Give us a call at 503-502-9055 and let's talk about your problem listings.  We will present some very creative and instant solutions: helping both you and your sellers.


Providing Home Solutions for Your PEACE OF MIND:

Home Option Solutions, llc.
6107 SW Murray Blvd. #332
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
david_onsite @

Call Now 503-502-9055 to see how we can buy your house.

Visit our We Buy Houses/Sell House Very Fast form page Now to start on a solution.

Sell my house fast in any condition, Ugly or Pretty, referral in Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro,
Aloha, Vancouver, Oregon City, Estacada, Gresham, North Portland. King City, Tualatin,
Milwaukie, Clackamas, Camas, Sherwood, West Linn, Wilsonwille.
Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Marion Counties in Oregon, Clark County in Washington.
We Also Buy Houses in Phoenix and Flagstaff - Sell Your House Fast Houston

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