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This is another bank foreclosure in SE Portland, Oregon. It’s in an excellent inner SE Portland neighborhood. This is an excellent opportunity to check out the house BEFORE it’s listed. Hope you enjoy the video tour…. Feel free to post comments or questions

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Stop Foreclosure – Short Sales work!

Posted by David G

Have you ever wondered why banks accept a short sale rather than foreclosing. This video will explain WHY the short sale is more attractive to the lender and YOU, the borrower!! Learn how to Stop Foreclosure with a Short Sale.


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Brandi Jones, REALTORĀ® – DRE# 01385191
(831) 464-4409

Brandi is here to serve you. Following her family’s real estate footsteps, Brandi is skilled in the keys of real estate sales and marketing, and has been a top producer in previous career fields. A fierce competitor, Brandi balances her drive with years of experience as a customer service trainer. She began her real estate career in the field of Property Management and Commercial Leasing. Brandi is also educated in Cultural Studies, resulting in sensitivity to society’s diverse needs. Brandi’s transactions run smoothly. Her clients are pleased when they recieve the best possible price on their properties. When Brandi’s dedication to negotiation is added to her loyalty and drive her clients see the results and move into their new homes with a smile. In her spare time, Brandi can be found enjoying the Santa Cruz lifestyle with a little beach volleyball and fine dining.


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Lenders knew or should have known substantial numbers of its subprime loans, especially absent prompt refinancing, would fail and result in foreclosure.

Nonetheless lenders made the loans to promptly package and sell to the secondary market. Predictably, as a result of these predatory loans, scores of borrowers across America now face foreclosure, and many have already lost their home and savings.

However, borrowers do have remedies to address their foreclosure related issues. The following is a list of some of the protections afforded homeowners under Federal and state law.

– Truth in Lending Law
– The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994
– The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act – Federal Fair Housing Act
– Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act – National Housing Act

– General Business Law (Deceptive Practices Act)
– Existing Anti-Predatory Lending Laws
– New Anti-Lending Laws enacted by State

There are also options available other than other than litigating the foreclosure issues that can enable homeowners to keep their home. Such options are:

– Negotiate the loan repayment with the lender
– Short sale
– Refinance with a new Lender
– Seek reverse mortgage (if a client is a senior citizen
– Consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Homeowners that act quickly have the best chance of being able to obtain remedies for their foreclosure related issue and ultimately save their home.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy California Stop Foreclosure Video


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney at Law California Twain Harte & Castro Valley Ca
We have concentrated our practice on consumer bankruptcy matters since 1990, including Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (reorganization). We will also help you explore alternatives to bankruptcy. If you are considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, we can refer you to qualified counsel. To learn more, contact our office or call us at 510-886-5751 (in Castro Valley) or 209-586-0250 (in Twain Harte). He has been located in his Castro Valley office since 1977, and has been serving Tuolumne and Calaveras counties since 1988.

At our offices, we strive to bring the most value to you as we move through the bankruptcy process. Our goal is to help you get a fresh start by eliminating as much of your debt as possible while protecting as many of your assets as we can.


To help us be more cost-effective and efficient, we ask that you prepare for your first meeting with us, gathering as much information as possible, including recent pay stubs, income and deduction records, a list of your creditors and a copy of your most recent federal tax return. At our first meeting, we will review your situation, provide you with an assessment of your options, and give you the information required to complete the Congressionally mandated credit counseling course.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the changes brought about by the 2005 bankruptcy law and its recent updates. We can help you determine whether you meet the standards to file for discharge of your debt under Chapter 7. We are also familiar with non-bankruptcy alternatives, including your rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

To set up a meeting to discuss your bankruptcy needs or alternatives to bankruptcy, contact us or call our office at 510-886-5751 (in Castro Valley) or 209-586-0250 (in Twain Harte). We keep flexible hours at our Castro Valley office and schedule weekend appointments at our Twain Harte office.

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http://stop-foreclosure-fraud.com – Are you facing foreclosure and would like help to Stop Foreclosure Without a Lawyer? Information and tips on how to stop foreclosure available in our main page.

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Quick Video of a foreclosure auction on the county court steps. This one took place at the Alameda county courthouse in Oakland, CA

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http://TheCapstoneTeam.com (510) 432-0617 Derick Drumm of The Capstone Team at Keller Williams – Two Names You Can Trust – discusses the 8 options to foreclosure.

1) Forbearance – Lender gives borrower more time to pay amount in arrears based on promise to pay.

2) Reinstatement – When a homeowner makes up all their back payments to bring the loan current.

3) Repayment Plan – An agreement with the lender that gives the homeowner a fixed amount of time to repay.

4) Refinance – Requires income, good credit and equity to support a new mortgage or deed of trust.

5) Loan Modification – Written agreement to change one or more of the original terms of the note.

6) Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure – Often referred to as a friendly foreclosure since the owner essentially gives the deed back to the bank but it is still a foreclosure.

7) Bankruptcy – A bankruptcy may allow the homeowner to discharge some debt and reorganize.

8) Short Sale – When the lender agrees to accept less than the total amount due on the loan.

Short Sale
Short Sales
Avoid Foreclosure
How to avoid foreclosure
Foreclosure Avoidance
Loan Mod
Loan Modification
Union City

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Bankruptcy is an effective tool in stopping foreclosure. The most important element in a bankruptcy is what is called the automatic stay. When someone files a bankruptcy, an umbrella of protection comes over them where no creditor can make a collection attempt on any of their debts. The debtor can’t be sued, foreclosed, repossessed, harassed, garnished, levied, taken a judgment against, called at home, and called at work. The automatic stay completely protects the debtor from ALL collection attempts from any creditor, including foreclosure. When the debtor proposes to the court a plan of repayment, any arrearage that exists on a home would have to be dealt with in the repayment. And if that payment fails to happen then the home could be foreclosed on in bankruptcy. But yes, filing a bankruptcy stops foreclosure and puts in place a temporary restraining order against any collection attempts on that piece of property.

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How to Prevent Foreclosure

Posted by David G

http://howtosavemyfamilyshome.com Learn the hidden way to save your family’s home from foreclosure. Cut 30-50% off your mortgage interest without refinancing. Call 1-888-881-5828.

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