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Is Foxtons the estate agent London deserves?
He came to realise that the final stages of such downturns, when prices were low but had stopped falling, was a good time to buy and sell houses – “when there's blood on the street but it's drying”, as he put it in the Mail. In 1981, with the British …
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Cool drinks heat up summer sales
Consumers now want new and different dining choices and experiences, which carries over into drinks,” asserts David LaBorde, director of product development and vendor relations at 43-unit Salata, a fast-casual chain based in Houston with restaurants …
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Silicon Valley Homeowners Quickly Cash Out In Red-Hot Real Estate Market
“This is a great house, and somebody wonderful is going to enjoy it,” Hardee, a KPIX 5 producer, said. It's a sale that will happen in the blink of an eye. “It happens very quickly,” said Realtor Yvonne Heyl. So quickly that she's already handing it …
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Time To Take Profits In The Rebounding Well-Valued Growth Portfolio
At the beginning of the month I sold the rest of my shares of Old Dominion Freight Lines (NASDAQ:ODFL). I had previously sold some of this holding last … The first F.A.S.T.Graphs historical chart below shows how the stock's price had taken off during …
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College athletics | Ohio State's Gene Smith sees 'watershed moment'
Enlarge Image Request to buy this photo Kyle Robertson | Dispatch Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, left, says historic changes are about to take place in college athletics with student-athletes receiving money to cover the full cost of …
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Petco's History of Condoning Animal Cruelty and Suffering [Graphic Video]
She said she had many “routine” visits to the pet store over the years; though, what happens beyond the stocked shelves and cash registers is something truly horrifying in a place that claims, “animals always come first.” … In an undercover …
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Seller's market: Bay Area real estate deal-making accelerates
And, of course, not every house is attractive enough to sell either fast or high. There are homes — agents call them "outliers" — that sit and sit. Maybe a house is priced too high. Maybe it has an unwieldy layout. Maybe the adjacent houses are eyesores.
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Small Business Success Story: Raven + Lily Changes Lives With Able Lending
“Our collections we sell are exclusive designs we design in-house in Austin, and they reflect the beauty and the culture of the women who make them, but they're still modern and fashion forward,” Dickerson says. After enjoying … The next step for her …
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Blackstone's Deal With GE Highlights Its Real Estate Holdings
And that was the case even before General Electric announced on Friday that it would sell a $ 14 billion chunk of its real estate assets to Blackstone's fast-growing property division as part of the conglomerate's retreat from finance. Blackstone's bold …
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A scoundrel finds refuge in family's NH town
Suddenly flush with cash, they went looking for places to invest it. Howard … He had an eight-bedroom ski house in North Conway, N.H., condos in Boston's North End and Antigua, and a compound in Bedford, N.H., where he lived with his wife and their …
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Hometown News Calendar for Week of April 12, 2015
Money and Politics and its Effect on Women Seeking Elected Office. …. Pinelands Native Plant Sale. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Apr 25. Sale of trees, shrubs and wildflowers native to the county, exhibitors, photo exhibit, and free raffle. Sponsored by the …
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DreamHomeFilms.com Seattle, Olympia, Centralia -JR’s Olympia Real Estate – 7119 Rothenberg, Tumwater

Olympia Real Estate Video Tours with JR McGee. JR covers the Olympia & Centralia Real Estate markets. Yes, we have foreclosures! 7119 Rothenberg, Tumwater Call or text JR to get inside or make your home a star on YouTube also! (360) 623-2388

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Lenders knew or should have known substantial numbers of its subprime loans, especially absent prompt refinancing, would fail and result in foreclosure.

Nonetheless lenders made the loans to promptly package and sell to the secondary market. Predictably, as a result of these predatory loans, scores of borrowers across America now face foreclosure, and many have already lost their home and savings.

However, borrowers do have remedies to address their foreclosure related issues. The following is a list of some of the protections afforded homeowners under Federal and state law.

– Truth in Lending Law
– The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994
– The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act – Federal Fair Housing Act
– Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act – National Housing Act

– General Business Law (Deceptive Practices Act)
– Existing Anti-Predatory Lending Laws
– New Anti-Lending Laws enacted by State

There are also options available other than other than litigating the foreclosure issues that can enable homeowners to keep their home. Such options are:

– Negotiate the loan repayment with the lender
– Short sale
– Refinance with a new Lender
– Seek reverse mortgage (if a client is a senior citizen
– Consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Homeowners that act quickly have the best chance of being able to obtain remedies for their foreclosure related issue and ultimately save their home.


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Quick Video of a foreclosure auction on the county court steps. This one took place at the Alameda county courthouse in Oakland, CA

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It is a fact that certain mortgage lenders have a demonstrated history of engaging in predatory loan practices throughout the United States.

These mortgage lenders issued thousands of subprime loans, with multiple layers of risk, through mortgage brokers who regularly provided the mortgage lenders with false information that they, intentionally, recklessly or negligently failed to verify or audit.

Lenders then paid and awarded mortgage brokers, originators and others in a manner that, predictably, induced brokers to steer borrowers into costly loan products.

If you are facing a foreclosure, call me for a free consultation 1-800-985-9007.

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Avoid Foreclosure Through Short Sale

Posted by David G

Don’t wait the 11th hour… waiting to be foreclosed will cost you your home… and your credit. Your ability to borrow money for any purpose may be in jeopardy. “Short Sale” of your home is a much better alternative to foreclosure… if you qualify! You will need time to do this and avoid being in panic mode; so ACT NOW!!! Services available nationwide. For more information, visit my website at www.ShortSaleSecretRevealed.com, then call me. Also visit www.ShowMeTheHome.com.

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HUD CS 011-569324 HUD home for sale. Contact ScottELangley@remax.net 334.707.0818 This home has 3 bedrooms on the second level. The large living area opens on to the screened porch.Choose FHA financing to qualify for $100 down payment. This property is 203K Eligible. SQUARE FOOTAGE AND YEAR BUILT TAKEN FROM TAX RECORDS, NOT GUARANTEED

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