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We Buy Houses and REOs and Help Stop Foreclosures and Successful Home Loan Modifications for homeowners that are looking for options and solutions to sell their house fast cash or stay.

To join www.moreinfo.whybellahomes.com PRESENTATION from webinar on 08/01/2011 Contact Pamela Jessie 888.564.5324 for questions.

The mortgage crisis is at epidemic levels, families are being displaced
left and right. As representatives of Bella, it’s our duty and obligation
to get the word out about the Bella services ASAP and let Bella corporate
and the legal team help as many homeowners as they can.

BELLA BACKGROUND – Bella Homes, LLC is the result of a collaboration of
some of the best legal minds in the nation and is founded upon the
fundamental principal that FAMILIES, NOT BANKS, SHOULD OWN HOMES.
We proudly stand out as an ethical and legitimate alternative to those
less credible companies whose predatory tactics do nothing but exploit
the homeowner’s financial predicament.

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