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Trilogy Property Solutions, the Legal Short Sale Specialists, interviews Ron Ballard, top short sale attorney on the current state of real estate market to stay on the cutting edge of helping homeowners in foreclosure with doing short sales correctly, legally, and ethically. Its our priority to constantly be aware of new California real estate regulations to make sure that everything we do is moral and abides all foreclosure laws designed to protect homeowners from people who are taking advantage of distressed homeowners. At lunch with Ron Ballard, Esq., and Jeff Watson, Esq. the two top short sales attorneys in the country, we learned even more on how to help home owners legally, correctly, and ethically in this ever changing legal climate on real estate, especially here in California!

These times are definitely exposing the greedy from the helpful. Short sales can be done ethically or unethically, and its crucial that homeowners and realtors screen the parties they get involved with carefully. Legal and ethical short sales are done with complete transparency and full disclosure to all parties; the bank, the homeowner, the realtors. This is created through the right documentation and information provided to the right parties at the right time. If someone does not know what theyre doing, they can possibly create enough chaos to lead the property straight to foreclosure.

Many realtors are not trained well enough in short sales to prevent a foreclosure, but many homeowners are going to them believing that they are the most ethical and protective of their homes. The National Association of Realtors reports that only 10-15% of short sales that realtors are negotiating prevent a foreclosure. The other 85-90% are being foreclosed on. You have to realize that realtors are in the business of finding Buyers and Sellers of homes, not in the buiness of negotiating and processing short sales with lenders. Short sale negotiating is a very specific skill set and constant training and updated legal documents insure a higher chance to avoid a foreclosure.

Trilogy Property Solutions prides themselves on their integrity, ethics, and compassion for what homeowners are going through. If you would like more information on how we can possibly find solutions for you, please call us anytime. (888) 803-0505 or email: ShortSaleCrystal@gmail.com

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