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Alot of people are getting them, and saving money. Is there a catch? I found a local atty that gives a free estimate, and charges $500 if he can get my mortgage lowered a considerable amount.

Will I qualify, I’ve had steady salary raises the past couple of years. I don’t really have anything to prove hardship. How is it that this attorney gets this done?

Is there a difference between refinancing and loan modifications? Any catches?

Please, I appreciate any input you can provide.

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He is just after your money. you will not be able to modify.

My gross is 4,346…my net is 4038.55 and my current mortgage payment is 1126.25, what would i have to have my net number at to approve for a modification,i know it should be lower but i need to find the magic number, thanks

It is always based on gross income. Even if they went on net your mortgage payments is already super low, you will not get them to lower it.

What is the best mortgage company to get a loan modification through? Easiest mortgage company? I would like to know!


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are home loan modifications good?

Posted by David G

most of the times…. if you save money.

I am already living in my home and need to calculate how much my interest rate need to be in order to get my payments at a certain amount that I can afford to see if it makes sense to get a loan modification or just walk away from my home.

Would be great if it incorporates how much the term can be extended also.

http://digg.com/d314C0A has a link to some recorded conversations of someone negotiating a loan modification on their own with the lender. You may want to listen to them to get an idea of what rates you can expect


Are home loan modifications good?

Posted by David G

Of course!!!! I had a sale in 48 hours and they postponed the sale while they helped me with the modification just try calling the National Association of Homeowner Advocates, I found out about them through here and they helped me for free no upfront fees and very helpful..
I tried for almost 3 years with Chase to get a loan modification and they got my delinquent payments caught up and reduced my payment down almost 40%
(877) 867 9052

IN my experience, WF is one of the most challenging companies to work a mod through. Lots of horror stories out there.

I want to be able to add the payment to the end of my home loan, not not get on a repayment plan. I am looking an option for only 1 month.

Yes, you can apply for loan modification if you are behind on your mortgage payment or just having a hardship paying your monthly amortization.

Loan Modification may lower your interest rate; forgive part of your loan; extend paying period so you can keep your home. These remedies are designed to make your payments affordable.

I have been trying to get a loan modification on my home, but the banks are giving me a hard time. I reported it to Hud.gov and I am waiting to hear from them, but meanwhile my home in in foreclosure. It is too late to negotiated with the banks. Can I file bankruptcy to save me home? PLEASE HELP!

HUD is not going to do anything. Modifications are not required. If you are refusing to repay your loan the foreclosure is the logical conclusion.

A bankruptcy will not save the home, you have to either forfeit it in the bankruptcy or pay the debt. You are wanting to keep both the house adn the banks money, which is not going to happen.

I would like to save the house so my Aunt has a place to live. I read one cannot shortsell to a relative. What options do we have?

Not much. Have her reapply for the mod and try to hang on.