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The downfall of the US economy has made several Americans struggle to make the
mortgage payments on time. If you are one such American, you should know that you
are not alone who is facing this problem. According to the Federal Trade Commission
(FTC), it has been estimated that around 250,000 homeowners are facing foreclosure
every 90 days. Various programs have been made to help these homeowners in delaying
the foreclosure process so that they can stay current in making the mortgage payments.
The homeowners will have to take the help of the lenders to enroll in these programs and
remove the default status from their loan.

5 Steps you should follow to postpone the foreclosure process

Have a look at the 5 steps that you should follow in order to postpone the foreclosure

1. Request for a loan modification – In order to save your precious home from
facing foreclosure, you may request your lender for loan modification. With the
help of this program, the terms and conditions of your present loan will change
thus, making the loan payments affordable for you. For this, you will have to
choose the financial institution that provides loans to the families whose financial
condition is not strong.

2. Get the approval of loan forbearance – The loan forbearance program has
been made for the people who are struggling with loss of job or serious illness
problems. Thus, by getting the approval of loan forbearance, these people will not
have to make the mortgage payments. Also, they will not have to face foreclosure.

3. Create a catch up plan with the lender – Falling behind in making the mortgage
payments may add up to huge amount of dollars in the long run. As such, it would
be a good idea to create a catch up plan with your lender so that you may be able
to make the small payments every month and stay current on your mortgage
payments. Thus, the loan default status will be removed.

4. Submit an application for special programs – Fannie Mae loans have the right
of entry to special foreclosure prevention programs like the Home Saver Advance
Program. You will have to speak with your lender and find out whether or not the
loan you’ve taken out is secured by Fannie Mae. On getting approved, you will
get a personal loan that will catch up your missed out payments.

5. Ask your lender for refinancing – In case you find that you do not qualify for
the special programs, ask your lender to refinance your present loan. If you have
equity in your home, you may make use of it to repay the late payments. With
low interest on your loan, the monthly payments will get reduced making the
loan affordable for you. However, choosing a long loan term period is said to be

another way to lower down the monthly payments.

Thus, by following the above steps you will be able to save your valuable home from
facing foreclosure and also delay the foreclosure process.

Author Bio: This article has been contributed by Billy.He with his vast experience in the
mortgage industry has been associated with the MortgageFit Community as a Mentor.
Not only does he participate in the community forums to give his suggestions, but also
makes his contributions through different articles on mortgage.

http://www.GettingRichGuide.com This is a beautiful bank foreclosure house in Portland, Oregon. Most foreclosures are not this bad. The house looked like it either hadn’t been occupied for years or someone got old and died in the house. There is mold everywhere. The bank cleaned the trash and removed the carpet. The entire house is a disaster. The worst part is the roof or lack of.This video does not belong to this site.

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Gladstone OR Homes For Sale

Posted by David G

Call 503-406-4337
Gladstone OR Homes For Sale

Gladstone OR Homes For Sale range all the way from small single family homes all the way up to multi family mansions. Portland is often called the model of a well-planned city. This is doubtless a consequence of Oregon’s practical land-use policies, especially the 1974 set-up of an urban growth boundary. This move conserved land in the style of farming practices of the 1800s. This was uncharacteristic in a period when many areas neglected their major cities for expansion along highways, satellite cities and suburbs.
However, there are Gladstone OR Homes For Sale investors and developers who do not quite concur with the urban growth boundary. They reason that the boundary has been a double-edged sword. In other words, it has given not only benefits, but a stark rise in housing costs. Yet housing costs are distinctly less than in metropolitan areas in Washington and California. Furthermore, the inhabitants enjoy the benefits of a compact area that has a well-organized public transportation system and less traffic. Gladstone OR Homes For Sale are always available at a great price. Also, the city’s Development Commission has a big hand in Oregon’s growth. Established in 1958, it offers economic development and housing programs in the city.
If you are looking for Gladstone OR Homes For Sale, you should know that the thickly inhabited parts of Portland are rather uneven, with the West Hills bordering the west side, while the east is much flatter and spans about 170 blocks until Gresham. They stretch from the start to the periphery of Gresham’s suburbs. Beyond that lies rural Multnomah County.
Gladstone OR Homes For Sale are a great investment. Also the greater parts of inner Portland, as well as downtown Portland, have narrow streets and compact city blocks. Each block is 60m square. Twenty separate combined blocks, each measuring 80m long, align one mile of road. Most streets are 20m wide; the mix of narrow streets and compact blocks makes downtown pedestrian-friendly. In comparison, Manhattan’s east-west streets are separated into blocks that measure 180 to 240m long; Seattle has city blocks that measure 70 by 100m. If you are looking for a great deal look no further than Gladstone OR Homes For Sale.

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http://www.MortgageVideoBlog.com Here is the secret IndyMac and OneWest bank don’t want you to know about. According to the purchase agreement with FDIC, IndyMac and OneWest can make more money by not doing loan modification and short sales.

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We are here live bidding on Arizona foreclosures at the Arizona Trustee Sales. We do arrange live tours of the auctions upon request only. There were many bugs outside this day. Watch them wave their hands in the air. More great video coverage of Phoenix Fix and Flip. www.FixAndFlipAHouse.com

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DreamHomeFilms.com Seattle, Olympia, Centralia -JR’s Olympia Real Estate – 7119 Rothenberg, Tumwater

Olympia Real Estate Video Tours with JR McGee. JR covers the Olympia & Centralia Real Estate markets. Yes, we have foreclosures! 7119 Rothenberg, Tumwater Call or text JR to get inside or make your home a star on YouTube also! (360) 623-2388

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David was a Christian and pursuing a calling to the ministry, but he had a secret addiction to that had shackled him since childhood, and CBN partners help Caif Fu, a little boy who was horrible burned… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com

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This fixer home seems to be priced amazingly. Some issues but fixed up the value seems to be pretty high. Check out www.PortlandHomeAuction.com for bank owned homes and foreclosures.

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I got up early Sat morning to show this home (please excuse my attire but I had to move quick). This home is was in John’s Landing on SW Corbett in Portland. Listed at 229,900 this home boasts a great investment opportunity because this very home sold for $800,000 in 2007. Check out: www.PortlandHomeAuction.com for deals on Portland Real Estate. The Seller pays our fee and I want to be your Realtor. Remember to check out Portland Heights, the Westover neighborhood and the South Waterfront for bank owned homes before you buy.


Aaron Majors
Portland Broker
M Realty llc

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Another awesome Arizona investment property from www.kleverINVESTORproperties.com. This wholesale house is being sold at a BID discount. Located near the University Of Phoenix stadium in Glendale and has many upgrades already made. Needs maybe 5-6K worth of clean-up / pool repair and it is rental ready. Homes in this area rent around $1000 – $1100 a month. This one will go fast since it is being sold at $56,000. Call 480-374-5176 or visit our website www.kleverINVESTORproperties.com for details.

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